Insurance Claims for Water Damage

Does insurance cover plumbing and sewer repairs and water damage?

Recently, reports of weather-related property damage have been on the rise. And, the primary culprit for this is water damage.

As homeowners become more aware of this threat, there’s always one question that pops up:

Is it covered?

Unfortunately the answer is not clear cut. Most home insurance policies will have some coverage for water-related damage, but it’s the underlying cause that determines if you receive compensation.

What Does Insurance Cover?

Typically, home insurance policies offer coverage for water damage resulting from accidental or sudden water escapes.

This means it’s important to understand the specifics of your policy to know the level of protection you have. Some of the things your property insurance might cover include:

  • Ice dams in downspouts or eavestroughs
  • Steam or water escaping from plumbing and air conditioning systems
  • Watermain breaks
  • Swimming pools and their attachments
  • Overflow from water tanks and appliances such as the washing machine
  • Water entering the house from a gap created accidentally and suddenly from another covered cause

Essentially, how you insure your home will determine whether repair costs will be out of pocket or covered by insurance.

If insurance does not cover water damage, it can be a significant financial setback. To help prevent further damage, our emergency teams are always ready to jump into action.

A common misconception regarding water service lines and sewers is that the municipality is solely responsible. They are only responsible for the lines up to the point where they cross your property line. Anything beyond that line is your responsibility.

The Best Protection

A careful review of your insurance policy will help you understand your coverage. You might need an add-on to your policy, or have a separate cover for water service line and sewer-related damage.

The best protection against water damage is being proactive. Let our professionals inspect your sewer lines. This way, we'll detect and repair any blockage or damage before it turns into an emergency.

How to File a Successful Plumbing Repair Insurance Claim

If you have insurance coverage for water-related damage, the validity of your claim will also depend on your compliance with the policy’s stated claims process. That means you have to be attentive to the requirements for repairs and filing the claim.

Before we do any work, we’ll go through the policy with you to know the insurer's requirements for repairs and quotes. As well, there are also some things that you can do to strengthen your claim:

  • Make reasonable efforts to prevent further damage as soon as possible, like turning off water faucets
  • Take photos that clearly show the damage
  • Always have an updated and detailed home inventory
  • Take precautions throughout your property to prevent flooding

What Can We Do for You?

Walking into your house and finding your appliances, furniture, etc., damaged can be a bit heart-wrenching. Nonetheless, the next best step you can take is to call us. Our team will help:

  • Prevent Further Damage: Unless the cause of your water damage is a running faucet, you are likely ill-equipped to handle it. We'll repair your plumbing to prevent further water damage, which is essential to support your insurance claim.
  • Complete a Damage Assessment: If immediate repairs are not possible or the damage is extensive, the costs may be high. We’ll perform a damage assessment and leave you with a written estimate on how much repairs will cost.

Help Is One Call Away

When it comes to water damage, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Without knowing it, you may incur damage worth thousands of dollars. It can also displace your family, forcing you to seek temporary shelter elsewhere for a while.

At Drain Doctor, we are here for you. We can provide inspection and maintenance services to reduce the likelihood of such incidences. But, if the worst does happen, you’ll love our emergency response team.

Count on us for all your water damage repair needs.

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