emergency-plumber-red-deer-alberta-canadaDuring winters, if your home is not well-prepared to face harsh winter conditions be ready to pay for it. Plumbing issues can pop up anytime, especially during harsh weather conditions or in situations where pipes are under tremendous stress and pressure. To deal with the plumbing issues anytime anywhere, here are some very easy yet useful tips that will completely prepare you to fight the adversities of cold winter.

Protection against freezing temperature

When temperature drips, waters can very easily freeze within the pipes, resulting in breaks and damages. If you are not home due to work travel or personal trips, the outcome can be dangerous, and can even lead to home floods and damaged home furniture, driveways and basements. The best way to prevent frozen pipes is by wrapping them up in a blanket of foam wrapping. Insulating foam can be purchased both online and from hardware stores at decent prices. After you purchase it, just apply it around the entire piping structure. And lastly, use a duct tape to secure the foam, if it doesn’t have any adhesive around its edges. OR if the pipes may be exposed to the cold more directly-like those under a modular home-purchase ‘heating tape’ to wrap around the pipes. The heating tape will be available at your department store for purchase.

Fix up the issues associated with plumbing leaks

Whenever you find any leaks through the pipes and faucets, you should immediately look after them. Regularly check your backyard or under the sinks to see whether any leaks or not, and if things are beyond your control, it is better to call up the professionals who will supervise the entire plumbing repair operations at quoted rates.

Regular checking of the water softener is a must

It may happen that you are living in an area where hard water is found. Hard water is coupled with high sediment deposits resulting in rust formation inside the water heater. Once your water heater is rusted, water for drinking, cooking, and bathing will be contaminated, thus it will need your immediate attention. So, it is better to buy a new one before the harsh winter sets in. And Canada is well-known for its severe climatic conditions during winter months, so why take the risk!

Say bye-bye to garden hose to prevent the problem of frozen pipes

The best way to avoid frozen pipes during the winter is by disconnecting garden hoses from the main piping structure. If you leave a hose connected to the pipe, the water inside the hose will simply freeze and expand through the hoses, faucets and eventually the pipes with which it is connected.

Shut off the interior valves and drain out the excess waters passing through the lines

If you have some interior shut on-off valves, which lead to outdoor faucets, you must shut them off and drain all the excess waters. When water is left in the lines it will freeze and damage the lines and pipes.
With these few handy tips, you will be all ready to welcome winter without worrying about the exploding pipes and leaks that might take days to fix.