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Hot Water heater repair or installation in Red Deer

Too little hot water?

If you have just a little hot water, possibly you have an element that's burned out, or your tank is filling with sediment.

No hot water?

Sometimes you can fix the problem yourself. Check out the following troubleshooting guide.

3 Things to Check When Your Water Heater Won’t Heat

  • Circuit breaker: The electrical breaker controlling your water heater might have tripped. It is usually clearly marked on your home’s electrical panel. If the breaker isn’t in the “on” position, flick it to “off” and then back to “on”.
  • Reset switch: The switch is on your heater. It's usually red and near the thermostat. Or, it might be behind a removable metal panel under insulation. Push and release the button. If it trips repeatedly, you need to call the pros at Drain Doctor.
  • Pilot Light: If you have a gas water heater check that the pilot light is burning. If it's out you'll need to relight it. If you'd like help your gas company will often relight it for free.

Professional Service from Skilled Technicians

If these checks don't solve the problem call Drain Doctor for a professional fix.

Before you schedule an appointment, take a look at your water heater and note the brand and model. We’ll ask you about its approximate age and any warranties that might be in effect.

Our professional team has the know-how to get your hot water flowing again. If you need a new hot water heater we will provide installation.

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