Hydrovac Services in Red Deer


Are you planning to use Hydrovac Services in Red Deer and Central Alberta? If yes, we have the best truck and operator for you.

Before getting into the details of what we offer, you need to know about hydrovac services. These are the services that include the provision of hydrovac excavation services.

It is a nondestructive method that is adopted for the excavation. The work will be done with the use of pressurized water.

The pressurized water will agitate the earth. The creation of a powerful vacuum will remove all the debris and clean up around the underground pipelines/lines. All this will be done without the damage to any other infrastructure.

As compared to the previous methods of excavation, hydrovac excavation is a safe and effective process that is superior for servicing and accessing lines for the blockage and debris in the pipelines. We will use a special hydrovac truck, tools and equipment used in this process.

Our Hydrovac Services in Red Deer services start with a truck that will be placed on your property or the point where you want this process to be done. After that, highly pressurized water is released into the soil that will turn rocks and other materials in the soil into slurry.

When the water is being injected into the soil, a powerful vacuum will be lowered into the slurry. It will then suck all the soil up and it will be stored in the truck.

With our Hydrovac Services in Red Deer, you will not have to deal with the problems of conventional excavation. All you need to do is to contact us and we will come to provide you with the best services.

Our team of experts with the use of up to date tools and techniques will make the process easy and effective. All this will be done at an affordable price. Call Drain Doctor and The Trenchless Guys for your hydrovac service needs in Red Deer and area. Call 403-343-6778

Why choose us for Hydro Excavating in Red Deer?


It’s hard to find a company in Red Deer which provides the best hydro excavation services. Hydro excavation is a nondestructive process that is done to remove debris using pressurized water.

Moreover, it is a faster way to complete the cleaning as compared to other processes. There are several reasons due to why hydro excavation processes should be considered.

These reasons are explained below:

1.     Safety:

One of the most important reasons to consider our Hydro Excavating in Red Deer services is it’s safe process. If the process is not done properly, there are chances of damages to utility pipelines and transmission lines.

Although the exact placement of the pipeline is usually located first there are times when a person can misjudge the exact area.

In that case, severe damages can occur if you use conventional excavation like a backhoe or bobcat. All this can be avoided only using the right techniques and tools.

Our Hydro Excavating in Red Deer service is your assurance of safety and avoiding damage to underground services/pipes.

2.     Environmently-friendly:

Consider yourself in a situation where you are performing something for your convenience and it is environmental friendly also.

This is what you will get from our company. With our Red Deer Hydro Excavation services, you will be able to complete the process without any kind of damage to the environment or the surroundings.

3.     Extreme efficiency:

The next reason for considering our hydro excavating service is because it is extremely efficient and effective for your pipeline system.

All of the work will be done with careful consideration of the surroundings i.e. nothing will be damaged. As a result, the cost of the project will also be minimized.

For your next service work or excavation work in Red Deer and Central Alberta give us a call at The Trenchless Guys and Drain Doctor. Call 403-343-6778 today.

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