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Plumbing and heating issues in your home can be a real drag. They take away from the joy of living and are often frustratingly unpredictable. Even in places where you'd least expect it, problems can pop up all the same.

The same applies to commercial properties. Whether it's clogged drains, pipe leaks, broken water heaters, or malfunctioning furnaces, all minor and major issues can be a headache.

This is where Drain Doctor comes in.

We have 25 years of experience fixing plumbing and heating issues for the residents of Bentley. Our team consists of licensed, certified, and experienced technicians who also know how to properly install and maintain pipes and heating units to ensure you live comfortably and don't have to make frequent repairs.

What Can We Do for You?

Our plumbing and heating experts in Bentley specialize in the following areas.

Drain Cleaning

When drains are blocked, your home can become a mess - and a rather smelly one.

It's not just about the dishes left in the sink and overflowing garbage bins, but also sewage backing up into your pipes, a flooded basement, and even mould or fungus growing in the bathroom.

Trust our plumbing experts to identify the source of the clog and use advanced tools to clean your drains thoroughly, ensuring that no traces of debris are left behind.

High-Pressure Sewer Cleaning

Sewer cleaning may seem like an arduous task that takes days to achieve satisfactory results. But that's not the case anymore!

Our team serving Bentley has powerful hydro jets to remove accumulated debris inside the sewer lines. The high-pressure water reaches all nooks and crannies and makes way for the wastewater to flow smoothly, preventing clogs and blockages.

Since no chemicals are used during this process, you don't have to worry about damaging or breaking your plumbing system. Rest assured that our plumbing experts will work on your sewer lines until every inch is completely free of debris and fully functional.

Video Camera Sewer Inspections

A professional video camera sewer inspection is the best way to find out if there are any problems with your sewer system and what kind of work it might need. It also helps you become familiar with the layout of the sewer lines and the components that may not be visible otherwise.

Our plumbing experts use sewage snakes with a waterproof camera at the tip to capture the condition of the pipes inside. They'll look for signs of corrosion, leaks, and blockages to catch all issues early before they become too expensive to repair. You'll get a comprehensive report on parts that need fixing or replacement at no additional cost.

Hydronic Heating and Boiler Service

Our experts have been helping Bentley residents get their homes and offices ready for winter for decades.

If you find your hydronic heating and boiler system isn't working properly, making weird noises, or producing foul odours, trust us to get it back in shape quickly. We have certified, licensed, and trained experts to work with the complex controls, valves, and relays of different hydronic heating and boiler units. They'll repair the piping and boilers and replace some components if need be.

We can also install a new system for you and run maintenance checks to ensure it performs optimally.

Hot Water Heater Installation and Repair

Do you have a hot water heater that's not working? Is your water heating system leaking? Is your hot water heater giving off an unpleasant odour?

We offer professional hot water heater installation and repair services for all systems (gas, electric, and tankless heaters) to keep your water supply secure and safe.

Our heating experts know every property is unique, so they work with each customer individually to determine their needs and expectations. Moreover, they use state-of-the-art technology to diagnose problems and ensure that your system operates at peak performance.

We offer free estimates and same-day service, so you can rest assured that you'll be taken care of quickly.

Furnace Repair

Furnace repair is critical for maintaining your home's climate control systems in winter. The last thing you want is to be without heat or air conditioning in the middle of a cold night.

From clogged filters to bad fan motors, gas leaks, and damaged hose fittings, several things can go wrong with a furnace, leading to uneven heating, strange noises, and unpleasant odours. These issues are common, considering the general wear and tear over the years.

Whether you use a gas or electric furnace, you can trust our experts to make the necessary repairs to get your unit back up and running in no time.

Find a Plumber Near You for Emergency Plumbing and Heating Services

Some plumbing and heating issues warrant immediate attention and repairs. These may include burst pipes, flooded basements, sump pump failures, sewer backing up, and overflowing toilets.

That's why we have a fully equipped team of expert plumbers to rush to your property in emergencies.

We're available 24/7. No answering machines.

Drain Doctor Has Your Solution

Drain Doctor in Red Deer has been providing plumbing services in Bentley for over a quarter of a century. Drain Doctor is a family run business with expert technicians with all the right tools and technology. We are a one stop solution for your drain and plumbing problems and we provide honest, courteous, affordable services when you need us.

Our experienced team of plumbers is available round the clock to solve all of your plumbing and heating needs at an affordable price. Call us in now (403) 343-6778 or contact us!

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