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Drain Doctor is the go-to 24/7 plumbing and heating service in Bowden. We have been providing services to the town for more than 25 years and have expert technicians on staff.

All-Inclusive Plumbing Solutions

Here is a quick snapshot of the plumbing services we offer in Bowden:

Plumbing Maintenance

Your pipes are under constant pressure. Like any system in your home, the plumbing in your sinks, water heaters, and bathroom erode with time.

Annual and bi-annual maintenance can prevent costly issues. If trees surround your home, you might need frequent plumbing maintenance. Tree roots can infiltrate sewer and water lines and should be removed.

As a family-run business, we understand how fast things can go south with compromised plumbing and have the resources to take care of various issues in a single visit.

Top Signs of Faulty Plumbing

  • Dripping Faucets
  • Dripping Pipes
  • Discoloured Water
  • Poor Water Pressure
  • Screeching Sounds
  • Wet Floors And Walls

High-Pressure Sewer Flushing

Conventional sewer cleaning methods can do irreparable damage to plumbing. Before using our removal solutions, we will analyze your sewers using video cameras.

After pinpointing the obstructions, we use high-pressure hydrojetting to push out debris and other clogs causing build-ups. The result is pipes and sewers free of hair, grease clogs, sludge, and other substances. Snaking can remove clogs, but some debris can be left over. We use high-pressure jets to remove all traces of backed-up sewage or clogs.

Top Signs of a Faulty or Clogged Drain

  • Slow Drainage
  • Water Backing Up
  • Overflowing Toilet
  • Bad Odour
  • Flies And Other Insects
  • Gurgling Sounds

The last thing you need during a plumbing emergency is a busy dial tone when you call services. Our dedicated staff operates our 24/7 helpline, so all calls are promptly answered. We have been providing plumbing services in Bowden for years and are well-known for our courteous and affordable services.

Reliable and Prompt Heating Services

We offer the following heating services in Bowden, Alberta:

Hydronic Heating and Boiler Services

Boiler and hydronic heating systems can be complicated. Outfitted with complex controls, mixing valves, and configurations, only qualified technicians can tackle them.

We have those skilled individuals on staff. It is the primary reason Drain Doctor is preferred for Bowden heating and plumbing services. We service a range of boilers and can also conduct a combustion analysis on demand. Contact us for an inspection today! Fluids are checked and noted on each service.

Call us a month before the first snowfall to book maintenance, installation, or repairs.

Top Signs of a Faulty Hydronic System

  • Pump Failure
  • Loud Sounds From The Boiler
  • Burner Ignition Failure
  • Air Inside Radiator
  • Leaks
  • Consistently Low Water Level

Hot Water Heater Services

Do you get burned each time you turn on the shower? Or do you struggle with it to get it to the perfect temperature? In either case, you have a water heater issue that our technicians can handle.

We can also recommend and install a new water heater and optimize it for the best performance. We just need the heater's brand, model, age, and warranty to repair it efficiently.

Top Signs of a Faulty Water Heater

  • Discoloured Water
  • No Hot Water Or Tepid Water
  • Strange Sounds From The Tank
  • Tank Leaks
  • Strange Odour
  • Cloudy Water

Furnace Repair

The furnace is your heating system's beating heart. If it is compromised, your whole HVAC system will flat line. We can repair and restore in-floor heating and boilers as per your schedule.

Our team of expert technicians has extensive experience working on a range of models and brands, so they can repair your furnace promptly. Our clients are kept informed at all times. After diagnosing the issue, we will explain our approach before starting work.

Top Signs of a Faulty Furnace

  • Abnormal Furnace Odour
  • Inadequate Heat
  • Tripping CO2 Detector
  • Poor Air Quality
  • Persistent Noises
  • Discoloured Pilot Light

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Whether you have plumbing concerns, are worried about the strange noises from your furnace, or shivering, contact Drain Doctor Plumbing & Heating Services. We have the expertise, resources, equipment, and trained personnel to provide satisfactory results. We can also assess older properties to determine if the sewer system is up to code.

Drain Doctor in Red Deer has been providing plumbing services in Bowden for over a quarter of a century.

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