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If you are looking for a reliable and professional local plumbing and heating service in Penhold, Drain Doctor is at your service. We have over 25 years of experience in plumbing and heating services. Our team of certified, insured, and experienced technicians offers prompt 24/7 services to make sure you don't have to deal with leaky or blocked plumbing, or cold and uncomfortable homes.

Services We Offer in Penhold

Plumbing Services

Dripping faucets are one of the biggest culprits in wasted water. Some leaks can be easy to find, but many other hidden plumbing issues can go undiscovered for a long time.

Water leakage can cost you hundreds of dollars or even more every year, resulting in costly water damage. Drain Doctor can help you locate and repair both obvious and hidden leaks. Our experienced and qualified technicians use the latest, industry-approved equipment to solve plumbing issues in a safe and hassle-free way.

Drain Cleaning

Your bathroom and kitchen drains form an interconnected network of pipes and plumbing. If there is an issue, like a line blockage, in one part of the plumbing, it can affect the plumbing in other rooms as well. A clogged drain is not just a nuisance, but it can also be hazardous to your health and safety. Our qualified plumbers can identify the source of the clog and use advanced drain cleaning tools, including HD video cameras, to address the issue and find potential issues that may lead to drain issues in the future.

High-Pressure Sewer Cleaning

We use powerful hydro jets to clear out blocked or slow-moving sewage lines. Our plumbers will send a blast of pressurized water into the lines to get rid of accumulated debris. High-pressure sewer cleaning is an effective and safe method since it does not damage the pipes and leaves them thoroughly clean from the inside. This ensures a better flow of wastewater and prevents debris from building up quickly. Schedule regular high-pressure sewer cleaning as a preventive measure for sewer clogs.

Video Camera Sewer Inspections

Your sewer system will never be adequately inspected until you can see it from the inside. Drain Doctor uses video cameras to inspect your sewer system and identify any existing or potential issues in the pipes. In addition, a camera inspection can also determine the condition of your pipes so that you can determine whether you need to repair or replace them. The best part is that the inspection is minimally invasive and does not damage the pipes or your property.

Hydronic Heating and Boilers

Hydronic heating or radiant floor heating is an effective and efficient way to obtain an even and comfortable temperature for your home. The water is heated in a boiler and then circulated around the house via a system of sub-ground pipes beneath the floor. This ensures that you get the right amount of heat where it is needed. In addition, it is energy-efficient and can save you a lot of money in the long run. Drain Doctor can install a hydronic heating system in your home, repair your existing system, and offer ongoing maintenance and support.

Hot Water Heaters

Without an efficiently running boiler system, your home will not have adequately heated water or warmth in the winter season. However, the maintenance of a boiler is often neglected, and when your boiler breaks down, it can be difficult to repair it without the help of an expert. Drain Doctor has a team of licensed heating technicians who can work on boilers from any brand. Our experts will quickly diagnose the issue and will let you know whether you need to repair or replace your boiler. We will also give you expert recommendations on how to keep your boiler running for years.

Furnace Repair

Why is it that furnaces often fail in the middle of a cold winter night? Because of the harsh winters in Penhold, your furnace works overtime, and if it has not been maintained properly, chances are that it will break down when you least expect it. Drain Doctor offers emergency furnace repair service that can restore your heating system in a quick and affordable way. Our team will inform you about the issues your furnace has and how they will fix it. We have successfully fixed, installed, and replaced hundreds of furnaces over the years.

24/7 Emergency Repair Services in Penhold

Some issues just cannot wait. If you have a flooded basement or a burst pipe in your bathroom sink, it is important to get them fixed as soon as possible before they cause considerable damage to your home. Drain Doctor has decades of experience and knowledge in the industry and can handle any plumbing emergency you have.

As a plumbing and heating service provider responding to Penhold, we scramble to give reliable service the first time in an affordable way.

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Do you hear strange sounds coming from your boiler? Is your heating system not working? Does your toilet keep backing up?

No matter what type of plumbing and heating problems you are experiencing, our plumbers and heating technicians can diagnose it, create a customized treatment plan, and recommend the right solution.

Drain Doctor in Red Deer has been providing plumbing services in Penhold for over a quarter of a century. Drain Doctor is a family run business with expert technicians with all the right tools and technology. We are a one stop solution for your drain and plumbing problems and we provide honest, courteous, affordable services when you need us.

Our experienced team of plumbers is available round the clock to solve all of your plumbing and heating needs at an affordable price. Call us in now (403) 343-6778 or contact us!

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