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From leaking pipes and faucets to clogged drains and toilets, sewer flooding, pressure problems, and noisy or burst pipes, things can go wrong with your residential or commercial plumbing system.

Drain Doctor has 25 years of experience handling a wide range of plumbing and heating installations and repairs in Three Hills. No matter how extensive or complicated your project is, our team will exceed your expectations by handling everything promptly and professionally.

What Can Our Plumbing and Heating Experts Help You With?

Equipped to deal with minor leaks as well as major problems, our plumbing and heating experts offer the following services in Three Hills.

Drain Cleaning

Have you noticed that your sink or tub is draining slowly?

It's probably because of the accumulation of grime and gunk in the pipes. If left untreated, it can lead to flooding or even sewage backing up into your property.

Our drain cleaning services promise to remove all the gunk and debris in your pipes to prevent a host of problems, including plumbing issues, odour problems, and clogged drains.

We'll ensure a plumber near you reaches your property within minutes and gets started immediately. Our state-of-the-art equipment and techniques promise to leave your drainage system running smoothly.

High-Pressure Sewer Cleaning

When your pipes become blocked with wastewater that has built up over time containing food debris, soapsuds, and hair and skin products, it may cause the water to back up into your house. This can lead to all sorts of problems, from mould to mildew to flooding.

Our high-pressure sewer cleaning can help you remove any blockage in your sewer line, no matter how heavy-duty the clogs are.

Video Camera Sewer Inspections

A video camera sewer inspection is your best bet if you suspect your sewer is clogged or want to be proactive in dealing with sewer problems.

We use high-tech video cameras to inspect all sewer lines, including those inside walls and under floors. This allows us to see what's going on inside your sewer pipes without digging up the floor or tearing apart walls. Our plumbing experts will identify any leaks, cracks, clogs, and disconnections that can lead to serious problems and find the best solution to help you save time and prevent costly repairs down the road.

Hydronic Heating and Boiler Service

We offer everything from expert installation to routine maintenance, repairs, and replacements of your hydronic heating and boiler system. Whether you have a regular, hybrid, or condensing unit that runs on gas, propane, or electric energy, our experts will provide a tailored solution so that you don't have to worry about your heating when the cold winter months roll around.

Hot Water Heater Installation and Repair

Whether you've got a new water heater or the existing one is giving you trouble, our technician can ensure proper installation and perform the necessary repairs to ensure it runs smoothly to keep you comfortable for years to come.

Furnace Repair

A broken malfunctioning furnace can not only increase your heating bills but also pose a safety hazard. If you suspect a problem like uneven heating, unpleasant odours, or strange noises, know that our licensed and insured experts are just a call away!

We also offer general maintenance and preventative care for gas and electric furnaces.

Emergency Plumbing Repairs

Plumbing issues like frozen or burst pipes, broken water heaters, sewer backup, sump pump failure, major leaks, flooding, and gas leak problems require immediate attention.

Our local and independent contractors are available 24/7 to provide prompt plumbing repairs. They'll quickly assess the situation and do exactly what's needed to nip the problem in the bud. Rest assured that we'll take care of everything before it gets worse.

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Drain Doctor in Red Deer has been providing plumbing services in Three Hills for over a quarter of a century. Drain Doctor is a family run business with expert technicians with all the right tools and technology. We are a one stop solution for your drain and plumbing problems and we provide honest, courteous, affordable services when you need us.

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