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Standard home inspections don’t include sewer inspection. Home inspectors are not equipped to inspect a line running underground.

Why does a home buyer need a sewer inspection?

Camera inspections are the best way to detect potentially expensive problems with the sewer line before a property is purchased.

Common detected problems are root intrusions, broken lines, dips in the line, excessive mineral build up and corrosion.

Homes built before the 1970’s used galvanized steel pipes, which deteriorate over time and leak. Minerals in the water supply also build up in these pipes. The pipes can also corrode and start leaking.

If the property has many well established trees a sewer inspection is especially important since roots invading sewers are a major problem. They seek water and can force their way through a small opening. They obstruct flow in the sewer.

Homes before 1970 also used clay tile pipe which had gaps at the pipe joins, allowing roots to intrude.

Also ground shifts over time. There might have been poor installation or inferior materials. Undetected damage could have happened during construction, renovations or additions like hot tubs and pools.

Water from leaking sewers can cause the ground to shift, causing more damage to the sewer.

Sewer replacement and repair is often not covered by home insurance. After the joy of moving into a new home, it can be heartbreaking to face an unexpected and serious sewer repair or replacement.

Why would a home seller have a sewer inspection?

Sewer inspections can be a powerful asset for the seller. It helps them prove their home has a clean bill of health.

Of course, realtors know there are many ways a deal can fall apart. It is helpful if a sewer inspection ensures that sewer problems won’t be the cause of a lost deal.

What is the Sewer Inspection Process

During home inspection inspector will run water through the fixtures to be sure they aren’t obviously blocked. This won’t reveal a partially blocked or damaged sewer line.

During sewer inspection a video camera is attached to a snake line and then maneuvered through the sewer line. Every inch of the line is inspected. This will reveal any blockages, breakages, dips and overall condition. Reveals roots invading the line. Reveals type and quality of line material.

Our sewer scopes have a distance system so we can determine where the problem is in the line.

Drain Doctor provides written report and a stick with the video footage.

What To Do about Problems?

If problems are revealed then you have documentation to assist your buyer to choose between:

  • requesting the seller complete repairs
  • negotiating repair costs
  • requesting the pipes be replaced entirely
  • reducing the price
  • possibly abandoning the deal

It’s a shame to have a deal fall apart after time and effort has gone into it. Drain Doctor has access to innovative technologies to reduce the cost of sewer repair or replacement. Sometimes its enough to save a deal.

Repairs can be accomplished with a professional sewer flush, or trenchless repair technologies like CIP pipe lining or pipe bursting. Either way, the buyer won’t need to worry about an excavation from the sidewalk to their home. Drain Doctor will be happy to provide alternatives and estimates to support your negotiations.

Renovations? Additions?

If your buyer is contemplating renovations or an addition, it will be handy for them to know exactly where the sewer lines run. Refer them to us and we’ll help them ensure their sewer is accessible and serviceable after construction.

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