Sewer pipe lines: All you need to know


Drain DoctorYour home will be constructed for some years. Like all other materials used in the creation of a house, sewer pipes also age with the passage of time.

Due to this, there is a decrease in their working and performance. As a result, you may face serious problems related to this. Sewer pipes do not have the ability to perform their tasks in an effective way after they age.

The problems of pipe leaks, cracking and corrosion takes place. This is the major reason due to which you need to consider repairing or replacing the pipe liners.

Sewer pipe liners are mostly used at a place where the previous pipe lines are not completely broken and damaged. The pipes used to carry the sewer have retained their shape and are not completely collapsed.

For pipe lining, the sewer pipe liners work best where the lines have cracks and holes in them. There are different types of sewer pipe linings that are used for residential sewer pipe repair.

These types are explained below:

  • Pull in place lining: Within this technique, the pipe lining is made up of resin and fiber. After that, it is hardened through heat or steam. The process is completed by pulling out of lining in two small holes that are dug into the soil.
  • Cure in place pipe: CIPP is a technique that recently became famous. It is now considered as the most useful technique for pipe lining. With the help of this technique, the repairing of cracks and holes in the pipes is done by the insertion of inflatable liner. As a result, a pipe within a pipe is created.
  • Inversion lining: Another technique used for the sewer repairing is inversion lining in which pipes are patches with minimized damage.

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