Video Camera Sewer Inspections

Diagnose your drains and see into inaccessible nooks and crannies

Video camera sewer inspections assess the state of your sewer lines. Since most lines are out of sight in the walls or underground, a camera is the best way to see what's going on.

Let's look at what sewer inspections are, when you need them, and why they are essential for today's home buyers and property inspectors.

What Is A Video Camera Sewer Inspection?

This inspection uses a small waterproof camera mounted on a flexible cable. A sewer inspector inserts this cable, which also has a powerful LED light, into the sewer lines to capture photos and videos of your drainage system.

It is a minimally invasive process, so no part of your property will be dug up or removed to access the pipes. Video camera sewer inspections help to identify the major causes of sewer problems:

  • leaks
  • clogs
  • collapsed pipes
  • tree roots
  • Corrosion

When Do You Need A Sewer Inspection?

A professional video camera sewer inspection is crucial for these scenarios:

Backed-up Drainage

If you spot any of the following signs of blocked pipes in your property, call a professional sewer inspector:

Water draining slowly

Water should drain away immediately from your sink, bathtub and shower. If water pools around or take a long time to drain out, there may be an obstruction in the pipes.

Rising water when you flush the toilet

This is every homeowner’s nightmare: flushing the toilet, only for the water to rise higher and higher instead of draining away immediately. This is a clear sign of a blockage in your sewer system.

Gurgling or noises in the drains

Sinks, showers, bathtubs, and toilets should ideally carry wastewater quietly away from the property. If your pipework seems to grow more "vocal" by the day, water may be struggling to get past obstructions in the system.

Persistent bad smell from the drains

Some of the most common causes of blocked pipes are hair, grease, and other organic materials. When they get stuck in your sewer pipes, they break down and decompose, trapping stagnant water, which leads to foul smells in your drains.

Assessing Older Properties

Inspect your drainage system if you're looking to buy a home older than 20 years or built before a sewer line upgrade. A thorough inspection will ensure that your sewer system is up to the current codes in your area.

Renovating a Property

Even if your home is relatively new, an extra bathroom or kitchen extension will require a sewer inspection. These additions lead to more wastewater, so you need to ensure that your pipes can handle it.

Sewer Inspection for Home Buyers

Most home purchases require a mandatory home inspection. However, a professional sewer inspection is often not included in your standard home evaluation. A property inspector offers a general overview of the home to satisfy the buyer, the mortgage lender, and the insurance company.

This overview may state that the property is a sound investment, but who knows what’s lurking in the pipes? To avoid any rude shocks when you move in, get an expert to conduct a thorough assessment of your sewer system.

Once you understand the property's true condition, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with homeownership.

Sewer Inspection for Property Inspectors

Video camera sewer inspections are an invaluable asset in a home inspector's toolbox. The key advantages of using sewer inspection cameras include:

  • Easy access: Drain pipes are notoriously difficult to inspect because of their bends and installation. It’s even harder to get a clear look into sewer obstructions whenever they occur. A sewer inspection camera overcomes these problems.

  • Excellent photo and video quality: A sewer inspection camera can capture high-definition images and video, giving you accurate, up-to-standard reports.

Drain Doctor Sewer Inspections

You can never truly know what's going on in your sewer system without the help of an expert sewer inspector. Drain Doctor video camera inspections show you the precise condition of the drains on your property.

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